Croissants & Patisserie


All of our croissants are made one by one everyday. We use organic flours as well as French imported butter and chocolate batons to offer you a unique French and delicious experience.

Our Patisseries are mostly French classics (eclair, tropezienne, fraisier, napoleon…), but we invite you to stop by our little cafe as our pastry selection changes day to day depending on our baker’s mood! Some of their unique designs are now on the menu everyweek…like our delicious Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Croissant..

Artisan Croissant

Artisan butter Croissant Available everyday (pre-order recommended for 6 and more)

Chocolate Croissant

Artisan chocolate croissant filled with 2 chocolate batons Available everyday (pre-order recommended for 6 or more)

Lemon & Honey Croissant

Flacky and buttery large croissant, rolled with honey, lemon glaze and topped with peal sugar (available everyday)

Almond Pastries

A French classic! Buttery and flacky croissant topped with homemade almond cream and almond sliced. Selection may vary.

Mini Chocolate Eclair

Small choux pastry filled with: chocolate pastry cream and topped with dark chocolate and candied hazelnuts

Fruit Tartelette

Traditional French pie, with a buttery crust made with white and almond flour. Topped with fresh fruits. Change daily depending on the chef's mood. (available everyday)

Bacon & Cheese Loaves

Our cakes serve minimum 6 people.
- Fraisier
- Framboisier
- Galette des Rois
-Mille Feuille
- Opera