Artisan Breads


We take great pride in our fresh authentic artisan breads. Every loaf is baked daily by our wonderful bakers over night to offer you the most exquisite artisan selection. 

French baguettes, sourdough loaves and rosemary buns are made every day.

A selection of our special breads are available at Farmers Markets or by chance at the Le Café Gourmet.

You want a specific special bread and don’t want to take any chances? We got you covered! You can special order your favorite special bread  24h in advance any time.

Traditional French Baguettes

- Sourdough baguette made with organic flour

- Country baguette, wholewheat Available everyday (limited quantities)

Sourdough Loaves

- Sourdough bread made with organic flour

- Available everyday (limited quantities)

Rustic Loaves

Quinoa and Sesame bread (French flour - GrandMoulinsDeParis) (special bread)

Rosemary Bread

Soft Olive oil bread, made with rosemary, basil and oregano. Available everyday (limited quantities)


Super Soft, Lightly sweet (Special bread)

Wholewheat Loaves

Mix of wholewheat and white flour. Pre-sliced on demand (Special bread)

Bacon & Cheese Loaves

Our decadent Bacon and cheese with cranberries bread. (Special bread)


Olive oil flat bread (Special bread)